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Accracoir International - Coir Exporters & Suppliers in Sri Lanka

Accra Coir International (ACI) is an industry-leading coir products provider. In the coir industry , we manufacture Coir products ,Coco peat Bales, Grow Bags, Briquette, Coir fiber and we are the leading Coir exporter and Supplier in Sri Lanka.The Company's focus on Next Generation Coir products to increase the owned market share up to 100%.

ACI maintains their Quality standards by paying careful attention to their specific requirements in quality and packing. ACI is guided by Sri Lanka Export Development Board and Coconut Board in Sri Lanka.

Coir is the pith element of the Coconut Husk (Shell). It is the waste product of the husking process during which the long fibres are extracted for use as rope fibre, mattress fibre, cushion fill material, and as an environmentally safe growing medium.

Vision and Mission


"Share our nature's gift with the entire world."


"Speeding forward with changes while enhancing quality and adding value at every stage."

Why Chose Us?

We provide the best to meet your need and to suite your budget,while ensuring the highest quality.you can rely on our long term expertise in the industry.

Accra Coir International
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Expert Operators
  • Excellent Services
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Over 10 Years Of Experience

Accra Coir International