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Accracoir Factory

Whilst most ACI culturalists using coir based substrates today do so for reasons of performance and efficiency, the development of coir as a growing medium came about partly as a result of pressure from government and environmentalists to reduce the destruction of the unique peat bogs and
wetlands from which sphagnum peat is extracted.

The Sri Lankan coir Industry is a traditional cottage industry confined to handloom sector. In order to meet the challenges from the competing countries in the world market, the Govt.of Sri Lanka decided to introduce mechanization in the coir industry in phased manner and to start with, it was decided to mechanize 1/3 of the coir matting sector. The Sri Lnakan Coir is a pioneering effort of the Board towards mechanization of coir industry on modern lines. Beginning with the import of five looms with ancillary winding machines, the factory went on to acquire more sophisticated looms like dobby and Jacquard loom.


Accra Coir International grew steadily over the years, to become a major name in the coir industry. We have our own marketing officers and agents overseas.
According to your product requirement and country, we will update you about our agent details.
We are committed to providing THE BEST QUALITY,


Accra Coir International works closely with our selected suppliers to ensure that the in-house quality controls and laboratory practices are effective. We also use independent laboratories in Sri Lanka to conduct routine checks on


Electrical Conductivity

Bulk Density

Dry Matter

Trace Elements

And any form of contamination

Accra Coir International also works closely with our customers world-wide, co-operating closely with peat based growing media companies to help them perfect peat-reduced and peat-free mixes that give outstanding results and to assist them in reaching targets for peat reduction.

Accra Coir International